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Vision, Mission, Theory of Change


Organization's Vision Statement


Medina LIFE will be among the most highly effective and efficient organizations in the DMV area for

providing human services and economic development as a result of partnering and investing in innovative

programs of human excellence for our community and neighbors.


Mission Statement

Medina Life’s mission is to implement living ideas for assisting individuals and families to achieve self-sustained

excellence in all aspects of their lives through participation in community development initiatives that

provide access to decent affordable housing, economic development opportunities, and vital self-improvement activities in underserved communities throughout the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. At

the heart of our mission are coordinated programs and initiatives (involving area residents, property owners,

businesses, governments, and other institutions) that aspire to instill dignity, foster self-sufficiency, and

encourage participants to reach their highest potential as productive and compassionate members of society.


Organization's Theory of Change


Medina LIFE will operate within a framework of a theory of change, which its Board President has used in

other organizational settings. Our Theory of Change has a logical framework of inputting professional staff to

supervise partnerships and programming focused on measurable goals with the sustainable impact of

empowerment among individuals, families, and communities. (1) The activities will result in skill

attainment and credentialing that will surpass "Categories of Performance Measures Used by Youth-Serving

Nonprofit Organizations Offering Workforce Development Programs (a measure of programs for DC)" leading

to the development agency for youth to navigate the traditional systems and networks. (2) Surpassing

accepted performance measures for veteran providers leading to the agency among veterans to become self-advocates.  (3) and the empowerment of seniors. Medina Life programs will be catalysts to end inertia by

encouraging empowerment through community organizing and networking.


Formation of Your Organization


Medina L.I.F.E. CDC was founded to offer Islamic principled perspective of self-determination, self-discipline

and purpose of service to plan, coordinate and implement human services programs for military

veterans and at-risk young adults (ages 16 and older) in under-served communities across the Maryland, DC

and the Virginia area. The original overall not-profit purpose was (1) Develop entrepreneurship opportunities by providing business training for economically challenged residents without the business skills through an entrepreneurship incubator program; (2) eliminate community blight by providing low and moderate and

middle-income housing; (3) develop educational opportunities; and (4) encourage health, wellness, and

youth outreach.


Medina L.I.F.E. CDC will connect the unique skill sets of individual job training, family counseling, legal

support, and health and wellness services under a holistic structure to maximize community benefit. The

proposed program incorporates a more diverse range of services within an operating structure that will

address multiple needs of military veterans and at-risk youth and young adults. Working with several service

partners from throughout the Metro/DC region, Medina L.I.F.E. CDC the program will provide resources

designed to help veterans and at-risk youth and young adults overcome barriers to self-sufficiency. The

services will include 1) ongoing career skills development, inclusive of training in information technology and

trades; 2) job placement assistance; 3) counseling and supportive services 4) emotional health and wellness

activities; 5) legal services. For veterans, legal services will include representation and legal counseling

related to securing public benefits, unfair housing treatment, healthcare, and employment. For young adults,

legal services will include help with family instability, higher scrutiny of circumstances that are related to

contact with the juvenile court system, and racial profiling.


Organization Uniquely Suited to Address these Challenges


Medina LIFE CDC is affiliated with Masjid Muhammad, which has a 20-year track record of managing

community service programs and educational initiatives. Masjid Muhammad, the oldest place of worship for Muslims in the Washington, D.C. region dating back to the 1930s. Since its founding, Masjid Muhammad has emerged as an important and respected voice promoting peace, racial and interfaith dialogue, understanding, cooperation, and mutual respect. Masjid Muhammad has initiated and led interfaith relations and is a “charter” and subsequently the oldest Islamic Faith group member of the Interfaith Conference of Metropolitan Washington. Masjid Muhammad continues to be a significant faith community partner today, as well as a bridge-builder for the cultural and religious divide. Nevertheless, the organization is uniquely prepared to offer an African-American perspective of overcoming struggle combined with the ethics of Islam to bring greater sensitivity to serving the community.


Target Beneficiaries


1. Young adults: the target population is 16-24-year-old young adults who do not have the basic academic

foundations, work readiness preparation, and credentials to succeed in the workplace, post-secondary

institutions, and ultimately in life. Science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics (STEAM) are part of job readiness because young adults must have valued and relevant skills with over 7560,000 jobs requiring

entry-level technology skills going unfilled in the DMV area.  There is an urgent need for remediation and redirection of the potential of disconnected young adults in the District of Columbia and surrounding Virginia and Maryland.


2. Residents of under-served communities with a focus on veterans inclusive of their challenges of

homelessness and under-employment.


3. Senior citizens who may be vulnerable nutritional risk identified and need connections to help to access

providers that can identify useful strategies for ameliorating risk

Some of our Community Partners

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